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The best of Czech indie t-shirt labels, DIY yourself options, and e-shops

The humble t-shirt. When made well it’s a thing of beauty—simple, comfortable, practical yet stylish. When made poorly (think low-grade cotton, nonsensical slogans, and knock-off design) it’s a complete fashion fail. Jan Lichy knows a thing or two about t-shirt design. His boutique Basmatee was once the spot for quali-tee shopping in Prague. Recently re-envisioned as The Room by Basmatee, his new shop reflects the current demand for upscale urban fashion that’s more than just throw-away apparel. Says Lichy, “Customers want more mature, high-quality products as opposed to teen fashion or street wear.” Read on to find your perfect summertime statement t-shirt.


The Room by Basmatee
Školská 7, 110 00 Praha 1
A glossier, more grown up version of the original store (and the only bricks-and-mortar to make the cut), though the t-shirts remain edgy as ever. Stocks the latest trends alongside lesser-known brands and progressive t-shirt designs from abroad (we like LA label Obey and Danish company Suit).
Price range: 490 CZK–1,650 CZK
Also stocks: Jackets, shoes and trainers, trousers, shorts, sweaters, watches, sunglasses

E-shop only
A quirky, Czech, build-your-own t-shirt site. Allows the user to create unique designs via a simple drag and drop tool with a wide range of graphics and fonts. Also encourages users to upload their own designs. Alternatively, pick from a range of pre-designed tees from local and international artists. Eco-friendly, low-carbon footprint, bio-cotton blanks.
Price range: 349 CZK (blank t-shirt)–399 CZK including designs
Also stocks: Bags, polo shirts, hoodies

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E-shop only
This Czech design clothing brand and streetwear e-shop has found fans in bikers, boarders, and the hip-hop artists Inside Kru who sported original t-shirts from Defect designers in a recent music video. Go here for bold styles from talented Czech artists from a range of design fields including film-poster and graphic design. The label’s signature bike-themed t-shirts are currently half off.
Price range: 390 CZK–500 CZK
Also stocks: Stickers, buttons, patterns, sleeve designs

Jozef Sloboda
Rytířská 11, 110 00 Praha 1
Prague-based menswear designer Jozef Sloboda’s sleek Prague 1 boutique beckons with slim-fitting classics tees with contemporary details (rope, buttons, and glitzy pockets) and slogans that shock (“I love design, pasta & porn”). Prices are surprisingly affordable for original designs from one of the country’s longstanding design favorites.
Price range: 40–80 EUR
Also stocks: Shorts, trousers, cardigans, and accesories

E-shop only
A new Czech-based company founded and run entirely by a Slovak husband-and-wife team. Proimses quality goods produced locally in limited quantities (usually around 20 pieces per design). Inspired by elements of street culture including hip-hop, skateboarding, street-art and graffiti, contemporary art as well as the design duo’s love of gastronomy, evidenced by the artful fork-and-knife motifs. 
Price range: 12–70 EUR
Also stock: Sweaters/hoodies, caps, vests, scarfs

E-shop only
Newly launched design “community” MOLO7 is one-stop shopping for the best in Czech design. Browse expertly silk-screened designer tees by top Czech menswear talent Fiorina Fury plus a wide selection of t-shirts in fashionable cuts and colors by Sisters Conspiracy, young primitive, and more.
Price range: 590–2,000 CZK
Also stocks: Messenger bags, sweatshirts, shoes, pants


E-shop only
A promising Polish brand that offers international delivery. We like their small and exclusive range of super-cool apparel reminiscent of the current style worn by Harlem hip hop rapper/trendsetter A$AP Rocky. Think Baroque artwork, polka dots, and other interesting flourishes.
Price range: 600 CZK plus delivery
Also stocks: Jackets, caps, hoodies, shorts and sweaters.

Dear Friends Clothing
Independent streetwear and urban clothing from Slovakia aimed at the alternative market. An eclectic mix of bold, hand-printed screen prints featuring Aztec, astrological, and nature themes. Vests and baseball shirts as well as standard t-shirts.
Price range: 12–32 EUR
Also stocks: Caps, baseball shirts, string bags, and sew-on patches

E-shop only
Launched as a menswear label in 1996, Addict blends classic casual wear with the performance, quality, and functionality of high-spec outerwear. The brand’s roots run deep in the design, music, and board sports communities, appealing to the underground and mainstream alike. They regularly work with guest artists and illustrators to offer limited-edition lines and have collaborated with many other brands including Vans, G-Shock, Microsoft Zune, Lucasfilm, and Disney. 
Price range: 12.50–15.00 GBP plus delivery (currently all t-shirts are on sale)
Also stocks: Outerwear, jeans/trousers/shorts, sweaters and hoodies, bags, hats, and music

E-shop only
Small independent clothing company based in Wales with a focus on producing high quality, ethical, eco-friendly products. Inspired by sports and surfing culture. All t-shirts are screen-printed by hand on organic cotton. A no-fuss, honest company with simple, down-to-earth designs that match their ethos.
Price range: 25 GBP plus 6.50 GBP delivery within Europe
Also stock: Sports wear, jeans, shirts, accessories, and more

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