Alma and Amanda

Physical Theatre at Alfred ve dvoře

Written by Fleur Alexander
for Experimental space Roxy/NoD

Alma and Amanda
Physical Theatre

Alma and Amanda offer you a beautiful image when you enter the space; one on a chair the other perching up high on a swing-like window. The approach they use in regards to their bodies in contrast to their choice of costume queries of the nature of femininity and the representation of sexual identity.

A woman presents herself in such a way that society would deem attractive, she subscribes to and fulfils this notion, but then by contorting her body so the female form is barely recognisable, one begins to wonder what it was that made one pose more appealing than the other. The two performers interchange to play all facets of both characters, demonstrating the fluidity and complexity of relationships. This is part of a trilogy called twilogy, knowing this beforehand is useful, as Alma and Amanda although thoroughly enjoyable doesn´t quite stand alone on its own, but perhaps its codependence on its other parts is the point.

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