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14-day quarantine now compulsory for all Czech residents returning from abroad

The Czech government today extended quarantine regulations through April 11, along with other changes

The Czech government today extended quarantine regulations that include a limitation on free movement and mandatory closure of most shops and restaurants in the country through April 11.

Additionally, they announced a few more key changes via press conference.

All Czechs returning from abroad have to stay in quarantine from now on, the cabinet decided today in reaction to the worsening coronavirus situation worldwide, while the duty applied only to those coming from 19 risk states such as the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and France so far.

Informing media about the change, Interior Minister Jan Hamacek (Social Democrats, CSSD) said there are some exemptions from the self-quarantine duty. Exempted, are, for example the people who commute to work across the border and work in health care, social or rescue services, and also diplomats and people transporting blood plasma or blood.

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The so far valid rules for those returning from the risk countries imposed the self-quarantine duty on adults and children who are Czech nationals, and on foreigners with Czech permanent or temporary stay permit for over 90 days. The borders have been closed to anyone else.

The newly extended rules, too, apply to Czech citizens and foreigners with residence permit for over 90 days.

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Also announced today was an exemption from wearing a face mask for all children under two years old, and drivers in a otherwise empty car.

Lastly, officials announced plans for small businesses affected by the quarantine measures to be able to apply for a postponement of rent for up to six months, payable within two years.

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