18 Exotic Birds Escape from Prague Zoo

After damage to their enclosure from the heavy snowstorm, 18 ibises have flown the coop; please notify Prague Zoo if you spot one

13.3 Update: according to Prague Zoo, the 18th and final ibis was caught in Řeporyje yesterday. While one of the birds has died due to the injestion of foreign objects, all 17 others are now safely back at the zoo. Congrats to zoo officials on the #ibisdozoo operation. 

Yesterday’s heavy snowstorm dealt some unfortunate damage to one of Prague Zoo’s African aviary enclosures.

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The result: eighteen exotic northern bald ibises have flown the coop and are now at large throughout Prague.

The Zoo has taken to Facebook to notify the public and request assistance in locating the birds.

“[The ibises] are now in various places in Prague and we are doing everything possible to safely return them to the zoo,” they write.

One of the birds was spotted by the Prague 7 theater La Fabrika:

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Přiletěl k nám pták. Nevíme co to je. Nechybí někde někomu??? Zoo Praha?

Posted by La Fabrika on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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