2500+ Kyjov Residents Create Living Czech Flag
via Facebook / František Lukl

2500+ Kyjov Residents Create Living Czech Flag

To celebrate Czech Statehood Day last week, and the upcoming 100th anniversary of the foundation Czechoslovakia, thousands of residents in the South Moravian town of Kyjov gathered together on September 27 to create a “living” Czech flag.

An estimated 2550 attendees of the event gathered in Kyjov’s park by its History Museum to create the flag, which measured an approximately 31 x 26 meters.

Each attendee was given a red, white, or blue balloon and stood in a specific zone to create the flag, which was photographed from above and shared via social media.

“I’m not doing it to set some kind of record but to raise public awareness of patriotism. I want people to be proud of where they were born,” Petr Něnička, who came up with the idea, told Pravo.

“We are only a small country, but we have given the world a lot. We have no reason to be ashamed and we do not need to bow before anyone.”

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Kyjov is no stranger to cultural celebrations.

Slovácký Rok, one of the oldest folklore festivals in the region celebrating Moravian culture, has taken place in Kyjov since 1921.

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