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A new poll says that Czechs are increasingly dissatisfied with the EU

Researchers say the findings were brought on by Czechs' fears of the economic and global situation as well as an unclear idea of what role Europe has had in the coronavirus pandemic
Prague, July 16 (CTK) – Satisfaction with the Czech Republic’s EU membership has decreased by 10 percent to the current 46 percent since last November, according to a new poll conducted by the STEM and released today.

The decrease was caused by Czechs’ fears of the economic and global situation as well as an unclear idea of what role Europe had in the coronavirus pandemic.

At the same time, the feeling of identity with Europe has diminished. Some 69 percent Czechs feel they are Europeans, while the figure stood at 75 percent eight months ago.

“In the past months, trust in other international institutions such as NATO and foreign countries decreased, too. The index of financial certainty of households fell as well,” STEM analyst Nikola Horejs said.

Horejs warned that in the past, Czechs’ trust in the EU fell the most during the crisis in the eurozone and the economic recession between 2009 and 2012.

This situation may repeat, he added.

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In early 2009, over two-thirds of Czechs were satisfied with EU membership, but the figure fell by 28 percent three years later.

STEM researched revealed that only 36 percent of those polled believe that the Czech Republic is able to influence what goes on in the EU and bring its position to bear.

Over one-half of the polled disagree with the view that if there are emergency situations such as the coronavirus pandemic, the EU should have more power in order to act independently, rather than awaiting the decisions of individual countries.

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Two-thirds of Czechs believe that the Czech economy can only overcome the recession after the economic growth of main EU countries resumes.

A similar number of Czechs say the EU should vouch for the money its members borrow to overcome the impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

Some 73 percent say it is right that the money from the EU budget should mainly be sent to the EU regions most afflicted by the coronavirus.

The poll was conducted from a sample of 1,000 Czechs between May 22 and June 1.

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