New Scandi-Style H&M Offshoot Launches Czech E-Shop

The Swedish chain introduced a new brand, focused on minimalist fashion and homewares, to the Czech market last week

Swedish fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has launched a new Scandinavian-inspired retail store called Arket.

The first branch opened last week on London’s Regent Street, including a café with a vegetarian menu of modern Nordic cuisine.

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While future locations have not yet been announced, local shoppers can check out the Arket selection via its newly launched e-shop, available in eighteen European countries including the Czech Republic.

A 20-percent temporary discount is currently on offer for first-time Arket online shoppers.

Prices appear to be a bit higher than H&M. A sampling of the current inventory includes women’s jeans for 59 EUR, a basic men’s t-shirt for 15 EUR, and a child’s wool cardigan for 39 EUR.

Sizing seems limited; a number of pieces for women were only available up to L.

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The new brand aims to be less dependent on current trends, offering more of a timeless look for men, women, and children.

A homewares category lists everything from peppers mills to cutting boards, glass, string bags, and a selection of wooden items handmade in the Czech Republic.

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H&M is the second largest seller of clothing in the world, sharing a market with the likes of Topshop, C&A, and American chain Forever 21, which opened its first store last year in Prague.

The launch of the new brand reflects a loss of profit in the fast-fashion arena and stiff competition, particularly from Irish retailer Primark

Photo: Facebook / Arket
Photo: Facebook / Arket

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