Air-Conditioned Trams Come to Prague

The Czech capital will get a new line of A/C-enabled trams… right after the current heat wave

This week, a specially-modified ForCity 15T tram, one of the more recent additions to Prague’s fleet, will arrive in the Czech capital.

It’s the first air-conditioned tram from the line of Škoda’s newly-designed fleet to ride in Prague.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until later this month to ride the new trams. The vehicle will arrive in Prague this week for testing, but only go into operation at the end of August, according to

The new trams, from manufacturer Škoda, were originally intended to start carrying passengers in May. That date, however, was pushed back to July, and now the trams are planned to go into operation at the end of August.

In addition to air conditioning, the new trams will feature wi-fi capabilities and newly-designed plastic seats; seats on the current 2010 models drew numerous complaints. Modifications to the brakes and brake pads should also mean that the new trams will be quieter on the rails. 

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You’ll be able to recognize the newer models by the addition of white stripes to the sides and a yellow-orange color in the front.

32 new trams are set to be in operation by the end of the year, as part of a 19 billion CZK project that will eventually bring 250 of the vehicles to Prague.

While the Czech capital is in the midst of a record-setting heat wave, the new A/C-enabled cars will be ready just in time for the end of summer.

Perfect timing. 

Proposed design from DPP
Proposed design from DPP

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