Albert Bread Delivery Becomes Pigeon Landing Pad

Don’t let the pigeon eat the rohlík! You can’t unsee these pictures of pigeons hijacking a fresh shipment of bread

Pigeons, commonly referred to as rats with wings, trash doves, and bum chickens, are also known carriers of numerous diseases.

That doesn’t stop septuagenarians worldwide from plying them with crumbs – but what happens when the pigeons hijack an entire crate of fresh bread?

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This was the scenario that played out last week at a loading area of the Albert supermarket near Prague’s Můstek metro station where containers filled with fresh rohlíky became a pigeon landing pad.

Social media user Petra Smutná captured the pigeons walking over the baked goods around 8 am last Thursday, publishing the pics on her Facebook profile with a comment questioning the logic of customers being asked to wear plastic gloves at the bread bins.

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Albert was made aware of the situation and issued a swift response, telling local news outlets that the incident was a fluke and the entire shipment had been subsequently destroyed.

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“The driver caught and corrected the mistake, the bread was written off and, along with other unsold bread, which is no longer suitable for human consumption, was turned into feed for the animals,” company spokesperson Jiří Mareček told

In the days following the incident, a Novinky reporter staked out the Můstek loading zone and noted that the bread-delivery process took around 20 seconds in total and was, thankfully, pigeon-free.

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