Amazing Butterfly Hotspot Discovered in Czech Meadow

Not far from Prague, in a former military area, biologists have reportedly found a diverse and flourishing butterfly habitat

The Česká krajina project, a statewide non-profit working in the field of Czech nature and landscape conservation, recently made an exciting announcement—at least if you’re a butterfly enthuisast.

During a recent butterfly consensus, scientists monitoring wildlife in the 40-hectare nature preserve in Milovice, discovered an unprecedented concentration of butterflies.

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This findings are remarkable because, according to a release from the organization, of the 161 butterfly species originally believed to be indigenous to the Czech lands, nearly twenty percent have become extinct; of the 142 that still exist, almost half are endangered.

Miloslav Jirků from the Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, said in a statement:

“About Milovice pasture there can be no exaggeration to speak of it as a butterfly hotspot. In 2016 we recorded fifty-nine kinds of butterflies…representing a whopping forty-two percent of the species living in the Czech Republic.”

He went on to say that:

“Biological data clearly shows that this is far from being a common pasture, but an exceptional location…where the number of butterfly species is fully comparable to the major steppe reserves in the Czech highlands.” 

The butterflies are said to be flourishing thanks to a large supply of nectar and the diverse range of habitats generated by the activities of the large ungulates populating the meadow—the former military training area is home to three crucial species of large European herbivores including wild horses, wisents and aurochs.

Milovice is located 38 kilometers to the northeast of Prague.

The organization also predicts a rich butterfly habitat will develop in the National Park Podyjí in South Moravia where it will receive two small bronco herds this spring.

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