Now Offers Free Shipping to the Czech Republic Now Offers Free Shipping to the Czech Republic

Good news for online shoppers in the Czech Republic.

While e-commerce giant Amazon has yet to set up a Czech-specific site, goods from neighboring are now eligible for free shipping if orders cross a qualifying threshold of €39 (a little north of 1000 CZK at the moment). 

It might make sense, especially considering some goods ordered from may actually be shipped from one of Amazon’s warehouses in the Czech Republic.

The free shipping includes not just books, music, and movies, but all eligible items (some products, such as large appliances, watches and jewellery, and alcoholic beverages, may not ship outside of Germany). 

The free shipping option applies only to items shipped from and third party sellers who ship from Amazon Fulfilment Centers. Orders not fulfilled by are still subject to shipping fees.

Standard delivery for orders eligible for free shipping is 4-8 days. 2-4 day express delivery (€8.00 per order + €2.00 per kg) and one-day shipping options (€11.00 + €3) are also available.

While the German version of Amazon has yet to offer a Czech language option, visitors can browse in English, Polish, or Dutch, in addition to the native language of the site.

The Czech Republic is one of more than 10 European countries to qualify for free shipping from; others include Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Liechenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

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Dave Park

David Park was born and raised in Baltimore and has been living in the Czech Republic since 2009 after studying journalism in Prague. No stranger to controversial topics, feel free to comment on his articles and let him know how you *really* feel.

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