American Professional Eater Chows Through the Czech Republic

Randy Santel made a splash earlier this year on the Czech food challenge circuit by wolfing down pizzas, burgers, and more in Prague and Plzeň

Earlier this year, American professional eater & bodybuilder Randy Santel visited the Czech Republic to help promote food challenges & competitive eating within the country. 

Over the span of two days, he took part in four food challenges, which he has posted to his YouTube channel this week.

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At Plzeň’s Pivnifest, he won a $1000 pizza eating contest by wolfing down a 60cm pie in just over 8 minutes:

Think that’s a big pizza? At Plzeň’s Pizza-Doma, Randy and two others took on a 1-meter diameter, 7 kilogram “extreme hot” pie.

The 2000 CZK monster came free after they finished it in under half an hour:

In Prague at the burger joint Bejzment, Randy made short work of the Big Zee burger, a 1.7kg behemoth that consists of a kilo of beef and a boatload of toppings. 

Finishing the meal with 10 seconds to spare on the 5-minute time limit, the ghost pepper dog seemed to give the professional eater his toughest challenge on the Czech trip. 

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