Apple Pay is coming to the Czech Republic next month

The popular mobile payment method is finally making its debut in the Czech Republic after success in the US, UK, and Germany

Apple Pay, the popular mobile payment and digital wallet service, will be making its debut in the Czech Republic later next month after a few years on the market in the US, UK, Germany, and other international markets, according to Seznam Zprávy.

With Apple Pay, owners of mobile Apple devices such as the iPhone can pay for goods and services online, in apps, and in person at mobile payment terminals.

It replaces the need for a credit card at the latter, and is compatible with current physical point-of-sale devices that already use chipless technology to process credit card payments.

While Apple Pay will be launched in the Czech Republic at the end of February, however, the ability to use the service will depend on your bank.

Still, local banks are hoping to quickly implement the technology.

“Česká spořitelna definitely wants to be among the first banks to offer Apple Pay to clients on the Czech market,” spokesperson Filip Hrubý told Seznam Zprávy.

Česká spořitelna and mBank, Komerční banka, Moneta and AirBank are expected to be among the first banks to offer Apple Pay to customers in the Czech Republic. Equabank and Creditas could follow later in the year.

While Apple Pay is new to the Czech market, Android users have been able to use a similar service for the past year.

Google Pay has been available to Czech users since 2017, and is supported by local banks Komerční banka, Monet, mBank, J & T Bank, Fio Bank, and Equa Bank.

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