April Fools! Fidorka Goes Magnetic

April Fools! Fidorka Goes Magnetic

Fidorka, the popular disc-shaped chocolate treat produced by Czech company Opavia, can be seen sticking to objects throughout the Czech Republic this month.

According to the website magnetickafidorka.cz, the chocolate treat wrapped in foil now features the “world’s first magnetic packaging.”

A video on the site details the various uses for having a magnetized chocolate disc, such as displaying it to your fridge, picking up staples, or just sticking it on a metal object when you need an extra hand.

Of course, magnetic Fidorka won’t really be sold in stores – they’re part of an April Fools’ Day promotion. 

But the company has actually produced 6,000 magnetic discs, which can be seen stuck to objects across the country this month.

It’s more of an advertising campaign than an April Fools’ Day joke, but it’s the best local gag we’ve come across so far this year.

A few other (presumed) jokes from across the Czech media this year:

Screenshot: Mapy.cz
Screenshot: Mapy.cz

“After many complaints and laments, we have simplified our complex maps. You can finally plan your trips in peace on a picture map that shows everything important that our crafty piece of our Planet offers.”

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