Arson attack on Greek embassy in Prague

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Prague – An unknown person attacked the Greek embassy in Prague on 29 April 2010.

Shortly after midnight, the attacker hurled a Molotov cocktail against the entrance of the embassy located in Slunná street in Prague’s 6th district.

„The police discovered that the entrance to the building was burned,” police spokeswoman Eva Miklíková said.

The police believe there might have been a number of perpetrators. Currently, they are investigating what substance was used in the incendiary device.

„The fire was extinguished by the firemen. At the time of the attack, the building was empty and locked,” the spokeswoman added.

Revenge for debts? Not likely

According to a source in the embassy, the attack was probably a part of worldwide protests of Greek anarchists against the imprisonment of their colleague Giannis Dimitrakis.

Dimitrakis was sentenced for 35 years in prison for a bank robbery. The anarchists believe the case to be politically motivated.

„The attack was probably perpetrated by the anarchists that wanted to show their sympathy to the cause,” the source from the embassy told to Aktuálně.cz. The attacker or attackers sprayed the anarchist circle-A and the name „Giannis” on a wall of the embassy.

Yesterday, 28 April 2010, was called by Greek anarchists the international day of support for their imprisoned colleague, as today is the day of the court of appeals of Giannis Dimitrakis.

According to the web, the court was postponed for December 2010. 

Yesterday, the anarchists in London climbed on top of the Greek Center building and displayed their banners.

Also, the Greek embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was attacked by anarchists. Four were injured in the clashes with the police



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