Aussies Block Prague Street for Sex Session

Police intervention leads to startling revelation from the man that he has AIDS

Late Sunday night, police in Prague 7 were in for a surprise when they responded to a call shortly after midnight.

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According to, when they arrived to Přístavní street they found two people engaged in sexual intercourse “in in the middle of the street.”

As the couple, both from Australia, were detained, the man became increasingly aggressive. Officers placed him in handcuffs and called in a special vehicle to transport him.

At the drunk tank, the man made a startling revelation.

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“The young man admitted to the doctor that he has AIDS and has been undergoing treatment for several years,” police spokeswoman Irena Seifertová told iDnes

His partner, however, was unaware of this. She had met him in a hotel about a week ago, and the couple had engaged in unprotected sex multiple times.

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After sobering up, the Australian man was handed over to police on suspicion of committing the crime of not disclosing his condition prior to intercourse. 

After a medical examination, however, it was revealed that the man lied about his condition. 

“The man invented this information,” said spokeswoman Iveta Martínková. “A medical examination has confirmed [that he does not have AIDS].”

A purported photo of the couple, mid-coitus, has been posted on

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