Base Jumper Leaps from Prague’s Tallest Building

VIDEO: Karel Bejšovec made the illegal jump after two months of planning

At a restaurant atop Prague City Tower in Pankrác, the tallest building in Prague, Karel Bejšovec and two friends sit down and order some coffees. They move into a blind spot where the waiters cannot see Bejšovec, who dons a helmet and turns on his camera.

Twenty seconds later, Bejšovec is on the edge of the roof, prepared to leap.

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In an article for, Bejšovec describes how he prepared for the jump over the course of two months. No permission was obtained from the building, the restaurant, or any authorities; Bejšovec and his team cased the restaurant over a number of visits and found vulnerabilities in their security.

It was all captured on camera: a video posted to YouTube on May 21 showcases the jump. Bejšovec was equipped with two GoPro cameras, and was also covered by a team on the ground.

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