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Beer Bikes Banned from Letná Park

Finally, a ban we can get behind - tourist-operated beer bikes have been kicked out of Letná Park

Pedal-powered mobile bars, also known as beer bikes, have been banned from Prague 7’s Letná Park.

Signs have appeared in the park limiting the permissible wheel width to 1.2 meters, a requirement not met by the traveling mini-pubs.

According to Prague 7 deputy mayor Ondřej Mirovský, the primarily tourist-helmed trolleys, which offer unlimited beer, stereo systems, and flashing LED lights, have become a nuisance to visitors to the park on Letná hill, widely known for its panoramic views of Prague, and located in a primarily residential area of the Czech capital.

Photo via Facebook group Letenská parta

The bars on wheels can typically accommodate a crowd of 12 to 16 people.

While no particular tours have been cited, and there are several such services available in Prague, one beer bike tour, in particular, departs from Františka Křížka, not far from the park.

Beer bikes have also become a problem in the center of Prague. While a motion has been proposed to limit their use in Prague 1, city hall has said it must first face a number of legal barriers before doing so.

Beer bikes are just the latest in a number of tourist attractions that have plagued city dwellers in recent years. In 2016, Segways were banned from the streets of Prague, while other measures have taken aim at rowdy tourists by banning drinking in certain areas and imposing hefty fines for open containers.

In 2017, such bikes were prohibited in the center of Amsterdam on the heels of a petition signed by 6,000 locals calling the tourist attraction a “terrible phenomenon.”

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