Bieber Arrives in Prague, Immediately Goes to McDonald’s

Amateur video captures the pop sensation and his dog greeting fans at Václav Havel Airport, then stopping for a drive-thru Big Mac

Canadian sensation Justin Bieber performed at Prague’s O2 Arena on Saturday night as part of his 2016 Purpose World Tour, but despite tens of thousands of roaring fans, local media was not impressed.

The night before the show, Bieber flew in to the Czech capital from Krakow.

Amateur video captured the popstar greeting his adoring fans at Václav Havel Airport, shaking individual hands while holding his dog Esther.

But there’s nothing better than trying some local cuisine when you get to Prague, so Justin’s first stop was McDonald’s to grab a Big Mac.

To be fair, it was after midnight, so there weren’t many dining options as the singer made his way to Old Town’s Four Seasons Hotel.

Afterwards, his entourage seemed to get in a beef with the local camerman: 

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