Black Friday Sales Light up Czech Marketplace

“Blek Fraijdej” has come to the Czech Republic in a big way, and one local server has compiled a list of local online sales & discounts

Today is Black Friday in the United States: that special day-after-Thanksgiving event when retailers offer top discounts and Christmas season shopping fights resulting in deaths and injuries spread through Walmart stores across the nation.

Sales typically stretch throughout the weekend and into “Cyber Monday”, the purported online version of Black Friday (though in reality, most online stores offer discounts from Friday, too).

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In the Czech Republic, Black Friday was a little-known notion until a few years ago, when local retailers began to cash in on the opportunity. Now, widespread promotions can be seen at retailers throughout the country, like the Palladium shopping center in Prague, though discounts may not match US competition.

You won’t have to face a mob rush in Prague or elsewhere in the country, but you might want to do your shopping online, anyway.

In that case, online server has compiled an excellent rundown of all shops offering special Black Friday deals. 

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Here’s some selections:

Check out for the full, updated list of over 100 stores.

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