Bon Voyage! Airfare from Prague at All-Time Low

Bon Voyage! Airfare from Prague at All-Time Low

Ticket prices are down and air travel among Czechs—especially to European capitals, Asia, and the U.S.—is up, according to which reports that people are on average paying about 1,000 CZK less for flights.

A representative from the travel portal speaking to the publication, attributed the trend to increased competition between carriers, which is reflected in pricing.

The article also reported that the number of new flights departing direct from Václav Havel Prague and heading to desirable destinations is another factor in the fifteen percent surge in flight purchases this year.

Dubai / Pixabay
Dubai / Pixabay

The most popular travel destinations from Prague are currently European capitals, Asia, and the U.S. and Canada. Record numbers of Czechs flew to Bangkok, Dominican Republic, and especially Dubai via Prague for around 6,500 CZK.

As the summer holiday season approaches, Smart Wings will offer flights to Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Corsica, and Sardinia.

From late May to late October onwards a regular line rom Prague to Zagreb on Croatia Airlines will be added. Next week Tunisair will begin flying direct from Prague to Tunisia with fares starting at 5,000 CZK.

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Bulgaria / Pixabay
Bulgaria / Pixabay

Currently Student Agency Ticket has flights to Sri Lanka, Bangkok, and the Maldives from 12,000-14,000 CZK.

From May, two new direct flights will take off from Prague to Toronto and Montreal on Air Canada and Air Transat Rouge.

A new Prague-India connection is reportedly due to launch this autumn.

Regular flights will be complemented by additional charter flights to exotic destinations such as the island of Isla Margarita and Zanzibar.

Zanizbar / Pixabay
Zanizbar / Pixabay

Internet search engines, not travel agents, are increasingly used to generate travel plans. Brno-based start-up Skypicker (which is rebranding as this month) has reported an increased revenue of a whopping 1,500 percent.

Reps from local travel search engines offered these tips for taking advantage of the new flight destinations and cheaper airfare:

Montreal / Pixabay
Montreal / Pixabay

-Purchase tickets two to three months before departure. 

-Fly on a weekday in the morning or at night for the best fare. Weekends are more expensive.

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-Regularly monitor fares a few months in advance and, once reduced, start shopping.

-Wait for promotions and choose accordingly if you are flexible on dates and destinations.

-Save a third on flights to distant locales by opting for tranfers not direct routes. 

-Look at flights from Vienna, Katowice, or Krakow instead of Prague.

The article also reported that people are arranging their own accomodation, without the help of an agency, in record numbers.

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