Breaking: Czech Republic reports first three cases of coronavirus recovery

The very first Czech cases of recovery from coronavirus have been reported in the Ústí nad Labem region
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Three of the first people who tested positive for the coronavirus in the Czech Republic have officially recovered from the virus, according to new information reported by Czech Television.

Each of the cases comes from the Ústí nad Labem region, and were among the first batch of cases confirmed in the Czech Republic.

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These cases displayed no symptoms of the disease in recent days, but only now their recovery was confirmed by two negative test results within two days, Regional Sanitary Authority head Lenka Šimůnková told Czech News Agency.

They are the first three cases of recovery from coronavirus to be reported in the Czech Republic.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš also confirmed the information via his Twitter handle:

“In the Czech Republic we have the first three patients cured of coronavirus infection!” he wrote.

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“All three at the hospital in Ústí nad Labem. Great news and great hope and motivation.”

Some of the other confirmed coronavirus cases in Prague no longer display symptoms, but continue to test positive for coronavirus.

Previously, the Czech Republic was the country with the highest amount of open coronavirus cases and no reported recoveries, with a total of 298 confirmed patients as of this morning.

Globally, there have been 174,966 reported cases, with 77,867 recoveries and 6,687 deaths as of this afternoon.

Most of the recoveries have been reported in China, where 67,819 of 80,880 confirmed cases have now recovered. The country has also seen 3.213 deaths attributed to coronavirus.

Full global statistics about the coronavirus cases by country can be found here.

The Czech Republic is currently in a nationwide quarantine until March 24, with residents only allowed outside to go to work, obtain supplies, and a few other exceptions.

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Earlier today, Prague City Hall announced that the city’s public transportation system would enforce a ban on any passengers not wearing a face mask.

The Czech Republic has now closed its borders to nearly all travel, only allowing tourists to leave the country and residents to return with few exceptions.

This is a developing story. We will add more information as it becomes available. 

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