Self-employed in Czech Republic affected by coronavirus to be eligible for 15,000 crowns per month, says Finance Minister

Czech officials announced at a press briefing this afternoon that sole traders affected by the coronavirus measures will be eligible for 15,000 crowns per month

As part of the latest efforts to support individuals and businesses affected by the measures taken by the Czech Republic to slow the spread of coronavirus, Czech Finance Minister Alena Schillerová has announced that self-employed persons would be eligible for additional benefits.

This comes after an announcement earlier this week that all health and social insurance payments for self-employed individuals would be suspended for the next six months.

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The new announcement today applies to sole traders who cannot conduct business directly due to the actions taken by the Czech Republic, for example the nationwide closure of most shops and restaurants.. They will be eligible to receive 15,000 crowns per month of aid.

“These are people who often find themselves without income from day to day. We want them to be able to adequately manage this situation, ”said Schillerová at a press briefing this afternoon.

“We will support the amount of 15,000 crowns per month for self-employed persons who have de facto shut down their business, or have been prevented from doing business because of measures against the spread of coronavirus. We should pay for the period of business restrictions.”

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Schillerová stated that the 15,000 crown amount would only be eligible persons for persons whose sole income was via a trade license for self-employment.

“We cannot estimate how many will apply for this support,” she added, though she affirmed that the state had reserved 7 billion crowns to compensate self-employed persons through this measure.

The 15,000 crowns of aid would not be taxed.

The money is to be paid out by relevant tax authorities, and a system for self-employed persons to apply for reimbursement is currently being worked out. More information should be known within the coming days.

The bill providing this aid for self-employed persons is currently being prepared, and should be approved by the Czech government on Monday, according to Schillerová.

Payments could begin as soon as mid-April, she estimated.

This is a developing story; we will post more information as it becomes available.

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