British supermarket Iceland launches home delivery in Prague
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British supermarket Iceland launches home delivery in Prague

With recently teaming up with British favorite Marks & Spencers to offer a range of M&S products online, Prague-based fans of English goodies such as Dairy Milk ice cream bars and Weetabix cereal now have another home delivery option.

Supermarket Iceland, a purveyor of frozen and refrigerated foods, is joining forces with grocery delivery service Košík.czreports

From March, Košík has been offering Iceland brand products exclusively at its e-shop. More than a hundred products are available to customers, which are transported door-to-door via special freezer containers. 

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Iceland operates seven supermarkets in the Czech Republic, but cooperation with Košík will allow it to cover a significantly larger number of customers throughout the country, an estimated four million customers.

The 120 listed products include meat, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, ready-made meals, a wide range of vegetarian options, dairy products, ice cream, and desserts.

The products will be imported directly from the UK and, according to the company, are guaranteed to be of the same quality as in Britain; Iceland is one brand on the Czech market that has strictly rejected food quality double standards.

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Delicacies from Delmart and Wine Food Market are also currently available for home delivery via Koší

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