Brno Archaeologists Unearth 600-Year-Old Bread

Brno Archaeologists Unearth 600-Year-Old Bread

During excavations underneath Brno’s Veselá street earlier this year, a team of archaeologists from the research institute Archaia Brno made a rare and interesting discovery. 

Inside of an ancient furnace, the archaeologists found some carbonized loaves of bread. Or more precisely, they found something that was determined to be bread after several months of analysis.

“They look like something you can buy in Lidl,” joked Archaia’s David Merta, as reported by ČT24.

Experts dated the loaves of bread back to the 14th or 15th century.

The work excavation work was being conducted in advance of a new underground parking garage that will be built at the location.

The bread was not the only interesting archaeological find at the location.

Researchers also unearthed ancient toothbrushes and gingerbread molds, as well as a pilgrim badge from the 13th century.

Work on the underground parking facility is now underway. Above it, a new concert hall for the Brno Philharmonic will be built.

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On Facebook, Archaia Brno posted photos of the loaves (and some comparisons bought from Lidl) to a gallery entitled A Little Overcooked, but Still Okay.

Photo: Facebook / Archaia Brno
Photo: Facebook / Archaia Brno

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