Catch Pokémon on the Streets of Prague

Nintendo’s worldwide hit will officially launch in Europe in the coming days, but gamers are already hunting Pokémon in the Czech Republic

Within days of its release, Pokémon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon with city streets swarmed by Pokémon trainers and developer Nintendo’s shares soaring.

The mobile app-based game, in which players can track Pokémon hiding in real-world locations using their phone’s camera and GPS, has seen unsuspecting (but undeterred) US gamers accidentally stumble upon dead bodies and be lured into secluded locations & robbed at gunpoint. 

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Yesterday, the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. kindly asked players to stop searching for Pokémon amidst the memorials to the victims of Nazism.

Currently, the game is only officially available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, with a rollout planned for Europe “in the coming days.” Reports surfaced this morning of German Android users being able to access the game on the Play Store. 

Still, that hasn’t deterred some Pokémon trainers, who have been able to access the game by manually setting their phone’s location to the US (on iOS) or bypassing Android’s Play Store to directly install the game.

Using a global Pokémon Go collective map, you can see where local players have spotted various Pokémon throughout the Czech Republic. 

In Prague, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Ponyta have been found in Old Town Square, with Eevee spotted on Charles Bridge. Pikachu was located in Karlínské náměstí. This summer, the new craze might add a little extra spice to sightseeing in the Czech capital.

Later in August, a Pokémon Go meetup is already planned to take place in Riegrovy sady. 

Still, a Blesk review warns of the dangers of Pokémon Go, with the author noting that he was almost hit by a car twice while hunting for Pokémon on Prague streets. Be safe out there.

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