Now You Can Charge Your Phone on Prague Buses

New buses in the Czech capital feature USB ports for charging electronics

From last summer, Prague transit company ROPID has been testing USB charging stations on buses from the private carrier ČSAD POLKOST, which operates buses from Prague to Kutná Hora, among other lines.

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Now, two new buses from the company Arriva Praha feature the USB charging ports as part of Prague’s public transport system.

The buses are on the 165 route, which travels between Sídliště Zbraslav and Jižní Město in the Czech capital.

The USB charging stations are located on the yellow handrails on the 165 buses. Passengers are free to use the ports to charge their mobile phones, tablets, or other devices, but they must have their own USB cable.

When will we see the charging stations on more buses in Prague?

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“For now, it depends on the operator whether they wish to equip their buses this way,” ROPID spokesperson Filip Drápal told iDnes.

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“If people use this new feature, we would include this as one of the conditions for future tenders for new transport operators.”

According to iDnes, ROPID’s current contract with the operators expires in two years, after which they may require all buses to come equipped with amenities such as wi-fi, air conditioning, and the new USB docks.

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