Christmas Bonus for Albert Employees? 300 CZK Voucher

Along with a near-minimum wage average salary, the supermarket chain’s staff can look forward to a bonus of a 300 CZK voucher for in-store purchases

The next time you’re rung up by a less-than-enthusiastic cashier at an Albert supermarket in the Czech Republic, feel their pain.

Retail giant Ahold, which runs Albert supermarkets in the Czech Republic, employ about 17,000 people in the country. And they’ve recently come under some heavy fire from the local Trade Union of Shop Workers (OSPO), as widely reported in local media yesterday.

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According to the Union, the average gross salary of full-time cashiers and shop assistants in the markets comes out to 12,500 CZK, which is only slightly above minimum wage. The net earnings of one employee came out to 10,643 CZK, says

Beginning in October, Ahold raised salaries for employees who have been with the company for 5 or more years by 4.4%. But that only affects a small percentage of their staff.

OSPO has been pushing for higher salaries throughout the year, demanding a 7% raise in each for all employees during each of the next three years.

And according to, competing supermarket chains like Billa and Penny have been responding with across-the-board raises in 2016. The publication quotes the average gross salary for cashiers at Lidl and Tesco at north of 20,000 per month.

But perhaps the most egregious payout by Ahold, revealed during a press conference by the Trade Union yesterday, is its proposed Christmas bonus for employees: a 300 CZK voucher that can be used for purchases at Albert supermarkets.

The Union considers it a “mockery,” as posted to their Facebook page, and spokesperson Renáta Burianová “insists” on a bonus of at least 1000 CZK (presumably, in non-voucher form). 

Ahold, meanwhile, claims that OSPO has the wrong numbers. They quote the average monthly salary of shop assistants and cashiers at 15,500 CZK.

And about the Christmas bonus? According to Blesk, Ahold is not happy with the Trade Union’s revelation yesterday. The 300 CZK voucher was supposed to be a surprise.

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