Christmas Coca-Cola Advert Filmed in Czech Republic

Coke’s global Christmas 2016 advertisement was shot on three locations in the country: Loket, Nebušice, and Louny

A few weeks ago, we wrote about a new Christmas-themed Milka advert that was shot by Amélie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet in the Czech Republic – specifically, the town of Loket.

Well, it turns out that Milka wasn’t the only brand to visit the locale for filming a Christmas 2016 advertisement.

For one of their global Christmas campaigns currently being rolled out in Europe, Coca-Cola also shot an advert in three locations withinin the Czech Republic.

The advert, produced by Spanish ad agency Sra. Rushmore, features a familiar Christmastime theme as a young boy brightens holiday spirit with… well, what else. 

Unlike the Milka advert, which enhanced the majesty of Loket with a CGI Alpine backdrop, the Coke ad downplays the shooting locations outside of a brief establishing shot:

If you’re familiar with some of the Czech Republic’s more idyllic locales, you’ll instantly recognize the opening frames as the town of Loket, which is also where Milka shot.

But what about that American-looking suburb? Yup: filmed in Prague’s own “Little America”, Nebušice.

Additional scenes on Christmas village-like town streets were shot in Louny.

Alternate versions of the advert catering to different markets can be found on Coca-Cola’s official YouTube channel.

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