Christmas Coca-Cola Advert Filmed in Czech Republic

Coke’s global Christmas 2016 advertisement was shot on three locations in the country: Loket, Nebušice, and Louny

A few weeks ago, we wrote about a new Christmas-themed Milka advert that was shot by Amélie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet in the Czech Republic – specifically, the town of Loket.

Well, it turns out that Milka wasn’t the only brand to visit the locale for filming a Christmas 2016 advertisement.

For one of their global Christmas campaigns currently being rolled out in Europe, Coca-Cola also shot an advert in three locations withinin the Czech Republic.

The advert, produced by Spanish ad agency Sra. Rushmore, features a familiar Christmastime theme as a young boy brightens holiday spirit with… well, what else. 

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Unlike the Milka advert, which enhanced the majesty of Loket with a CGI Alpine backdrop, the Coke ad downplays the shooting locations outside of a brief establishing shot:

If you’re familiar with some of the Czech Republic’s more idyllic locales, you’ll instantly recognize the opening frames as the town of Loket, which is also where Milka shot.

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But what about that American-looking suburb? Yup: filmed in Prague’s own “Little America”, Nebušice.

Additional scenes on Christmas village-like town streets were shot in Louny.

Alternate versions of the advert catering to different markets can be found on Coca-Cola’s official YouTube channel.

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