Prague is trying to attract more expats. via YouTube / Praha.EU

City Hall unveils YouTube video pitching Prague’s advantages for foreigners and new businesses

Prague has made a YouTube video showing the advantages of living in the city to do business
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Prague City Hall has made a YouTube video to highlight the advantages of living in the city to do business. The two-minute clip has text in English and is aimed at attracting foreign entrepreneurs. The city, in part, wants to attract people and businesses who are looking for a new EU base due to Brexit.

The capital is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. At the same time, it offers very good conditions for business and life. Prague is one of the safest cities in the world and offers, compared to other European and world cities, favorable living costs and several universities that produce thousands of quality graduates every year. These are some of the points made in the video, which was created in cooperation with state agency CzechInvest.

An upscale couple with a small child is seen experiencing life in Prague, ranging from gourmet meals to seeking dental care. Statistics and other information are shown on the screen, while classical music plays on the soundtrack.

Promo video made by Prague City Hall and CzechInvest.

The city’s standings on top 10 lists make up much of the text: fourth most attractive city for expats, fourth most attractive city for investors, fifth best healthcare in Europe, fifth best public transport in the world, fifth most popular zoo worldwide, and ninth most affordable country in the world. The video leaves out number one in beer drinking, though, as it is likely too lowbrow for the image the city is hoping to convey.

The video also shows that Prague is the most economically developed region in the Czech Republic, and a good place to start a business, invest and work. It ends with the catchphrase, “Prague — A Good Place to Live.”

“The idea is to get wider awareness for Prague’s benefits in an attractive and understandable way. The target group is not only foreign visitors to our capital, but also companies who are considering where to expand or move their leadership, which is a very current topic for many global companies during the period of impending Brexit,” City Councilor Vít Šimral, responsible for education and business support, said.

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prague promo video
Picnic scene in Prague’s promotional video. via Youtube / Praha.EU

“The video is just a small taste, which will be followed by other activities of Prague’s economic diplomacy,” he added.

Prague boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union, generates a quarter of the Czech Republic’s gross domestic product, and the workforce in the region is highly qualified with innovative potential, Prague City Hall said in a press release for the video.

There are 46 different university faculties in Prague and 90,000 students study at these schools every year. Thanks to an open business environment, Prague offers a suitable base for the location of the corporate headquarters of any size.

prague promo video
The promo video emphasizes family life. via YouTube / Praha.EU

In addition, the Czech Republic offers a stable tax environment with favorable rates for companies, employees and small businesses, as well as favorable administrative costs associated with renting offices, according to the press release.

“Prague has enjoyed a reputation as a great place not only for life, but also for work and business among foreign entrepreneurs and investors for several years. The advanced industry, the ingenuity of our people and the level of our research and development attract more and more attention to our country. If we use this potential, the Czech Republic can look forward to a great future,” CzechInvest spokeswoman Petra Sivová said.

The spot is part of the economic diplomacy of the City of Prague, which is working to raise awareness of the economic parameters of Prague abroad.

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