City of Prague Launches New Beer to Fight Air Pollution

Prague Pedestrian beer has been created in cooperation with Lobkowicz Brewery to encourage citizens to leave their cars behind
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Here’s an interesting concept: the city of Prague, in cooperation with Lobkowicz Brewery and local eco-friendly organization Čistou stopou Prahou (Zero-Emission Prague), has created a brand-new beer to help fight air pollution.

Prague Pedestrian, billed as the very first beer to fight air pollution, is currently being promoted through a competition that invites co-workers to symbolically hand over their car keys for a chance to win a fridge full of the new brew. (And, perhaps, actually hand over their keys by carpooling or taking public transport).

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You can register for the competition via the Prague Pedestrian website, but be quick – the deadline is August 15. The top 10 companies (or teams) with the largest number of keys symbolically donated will win a fridge full of well-chilled Prague Pedestrian beer, delivered right to their office.

“We were looking for an unconventional way to attract attention to the issue of air pollution, and Prague Pedestrian beer is exactly such an idea,” said Lukáš Eršil, project coordinator for Zero-Emission Prague, in a press release.

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According to the Prague Pedestrian website, automotive transportation is the largest cause of air pollution in Prague.

While the future for Prague Pedestrian beer beyond the current competition is unclear, the organizers might be onto something here.

A beer (or two) after work, combined with the zero-tolerance drinking & driving policy in the Czech Republic, could theoretically ensure that drinkers take public transport or alternative methods of transportation.

Will more beer drinking lead to less air pollution in Prague?

“We like the idea that a good beer after work is not just a pleasant moment of relaxation, but also a contribution to air protection and a reduction in the number of cars in Prague,” says Jan Novák, Marketing Director of Lobkowicz Breweries.

“Free beer to help the Prague atmosphere was the least we could do.”

More information about Prague Pedestrian can be found via the official website and Facebook page.

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