City of Prague to Introduce Free WiFi at Popular Locations

From next year, locals and visitors will be able to access city wireless internet at Prague Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Petřín and Náplavka

Good news for Prague residents and visitors: city officials announced yesterday that they would be introducing WiFi internet at popular Prague locations as part of a pilot program starting early next year.

The program, one of the initiatives of a new project called Smart Prague, aims to give the public access to wireless internet while out and about at some of Prague’s more popular public locations.

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The first spots to get the WiFi will be Prague’s Zoo and the Botanical Gardens in Prague 7, as well as two central locations, the Petřín park area in Malá Strana and popular riverside hangout Náplavka. 

If the pilot program is successful, coverage will be extended to further areas throughout Prague.

“It is one of the specific projects of Smart Prague,” said Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová on the city’s web portal, 

“To start, we chose Prague Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, Petřín and Náplavka, and if the coverage of Wi-Fi proves successful, we want to continue to Letná and Stromovka.”

The Smart Prague project, which also includes the new initiative for contactless payment on Prague public transport, is currently reaching out to local citizens and institutions for more ideas on improving life in the Czech capital.

More information, and the possibility to submit your own idea, can be found via the official Smart Prague website

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