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Cliff divers to compete in breathtaking ‘Highjump’ event near Příbram this weekend

The biggest cliff-diving event in Central Europe will take place in Hřiměždice quarry outside of Prague this weekend
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Part extreme sports event, part music festival, and all breathtaking, adrenaline-soaked performance, the Highjump cliff-diving event will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. The Hřiměždice quarry near Příbram will set the stage this weekend for thrilling jumps by some of the world’s best divers.

Taking place August 2-August 3, the event will showcase legends of the sport, welcoming back divers from past events. The weekend will also feature a line-up of live music and an accompanying program.

The biggest cliff-diving event in Central Europe, Highjump Legends sees some of the best European and world cliff-diving stars participating in this year’s event with organizers saying they’ll introduce the audience to some new and promising divers as well.

Photo via Facebook / Highjump Cliffdiving

“It will definitely be worth seeing,” says Tomas Jechort one of the event’s coordinators. “Of course, the anniversary event cannot be held without divers who were with us from the very beginning so we were thrilled to invite them, too.”

The divers will compete in several competitions – jumping from 12, 16 and 20 meters. The 30-meter exhibition jumps will also dazzle the audience. Cliff diving is considered the oldest extreme sport in the world. It originated in Hawaii.

Photo via Facebook / Highjump Cliffdiving

As in years past, death-defying dives will be accompanied by great music. The best bands that have shaped the event’s vibe throughout the years will perform on several stages throughout the quarry grounds. Visitors can look forward to performances by the PSH hip-hop band, rapper Smack, ska-reggae band Fast Food Orchestra, and house DJs on the Prima Cool stage.

Photo via Facebook / Highjump Cliffdiving

Highjump has always been synonymous with adrenalin and fun and this year will be no exception. Besides cliff-diving and music, there will be many attractions including a flyboarding exhibition – which will take place right in the quarry and introduce the world’s best practitioners of this young sport. There will also be chill zones, table footballs, inflated Ninja Factor zone, and other attractions. A variety of food trucks, stalls, and bars will be set up as well.

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Tickets are available via Ticketstream.

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