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Confirmed Czech COVID-19 cases continues to decline; 52 new cases Sunday for total of 7,404

On Sunday, there were 52 new cases of the coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic, the smallest daily increase since March 14

Prague, April 27 (CTK) – The number of the deaths of the patients suffering from COVID-19 rose by one since last evening, reaching 221, and in all, 2,555 persons have recovered from the disease in the Czech Republic, the Health Ministry said at 8:30 today.

There have been 7,404 cases of the infection since the start of the epidemic. At present, there are 4,628, which is 11 fewer than at midnight, and 360 patients are hospitalized.

On Sunday, there were 52 new cases of the coronavirus infection, the smallest daily increase since March 14. The number of the new cases has have been under 100 for the fifth day in a row.

However, only 3,358 COVID-19 tests were conducted on Sunday, the smallest daily number since April 13. On working days, there are mostly 7,000-8,000 tests and the figures considerably fall at weekends.

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In total, 218,474 persons have been tested, including repeated samples.

There are 73 patients in hospital in a serious condition or requiring intensive care.

So far, 592 persons have left hospitals as cured or have gone into home quarantine.

On Sunday, the proportion of newly recorded cases of COVID-19 in the number of all tests fell to 1.55 percent. It has been under 2 percent since Tuesday, while in early April it reached almost 5 percent.

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On Sunday, only one person suffering from COVID-19 died, while there were four and seven deaths on Saturday and Friday, respectively.

In general, most, 82, deaths have been in Prague. It is followed by the Moravia-Silesia Region with 26 deaths and the Karlovy Vary Region with 21 victims.

Only person has died in the Zlin Region.

Prague also has the biggest number of the infected, 1,690, which means 124 per 100,000 population. If calculated per population, it is followed by the Karlovy Vary Region with 350 cases and 118 per 100,000.

South Bohemia is the least affected region with 27 cases per 100,000 population.

Thanks to the favorable epidemiological development, the government has sped up the timetable of relaxation of lockdown rules. Today, another phase of the measures starts. People can buy in some more shops, go to libraries and zoos, though still with some limitations.

Daily number of tests and growth in positive cases last week:

Date: Number of tests (Number of new infection cases)
April 20: 6,494 (154)
April 21: 8,301 (133)
April 22: 8,815 (99)
April 23: 7,899 (55)
April 24: 7,073 (86)
April 25: 4,411 (79)
April 26: 3,358 (52)

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