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Czech quarantine in numbers: eating, cleaning more popular activities than sex

While the rest of the world is hoarding toilet paper Czechs are also stocking up on sewing machines and yeast

While everyone is keeping an eye on some of the more critical numbers surrounding the coronavirus outbreak in the Czech lands, numerous other statistics have emerged that shed light on how the situation is affecting society at large, from how we in the Czech Republic are spending our time in home quarantine to how we’re spending our money.

These statistics represent a diverse cross-section of at-home activities and consumer behavior in the Czech Republic over the past couple of weeks. Please note that these figures were accurate at press time but are changing daily.

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The fact that 35 percent of Czechs are reportedly working from home, may explain the fact that 5 percent less traffic has been recorded in Prague and car accidents are down 50%. The biggest decrease in traffic has been along Prague’s typically car-choked Evropská boulevard which leads to the airport.

Peak traffic times in Prague are now 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. instead of 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. instead of 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sources:,, iRozhlas, Nas Region

Not a surprise considering a 60% decrease in flight ticket sales was reported for the Czech Republic in March 2020 as compared to March 2019; 400,000 people were abroad the week before the quarantine was announced a number which dropped to 200,000 the following week.
Sources: /

Anyone who has donned a face mask and braved public transport may have some personal experience with this one: according to Prague DPP there has been about an 80% reduction in passengers aboard some buses, metro, and trams. On Monday, March 2 there were 1.1 million passengers on Prague public transport, as of Tuesday March 17 there were 310,000. On Monday, March 2, metro turnover as 2.2 million (total entries and exits) down to 620,000 on Wednesday. Source:

What is everyone doing at home besides working? We know that an overwhelming percentage of the population is watching TV. Last week 4,149, 000 of adults watched CT 24 news which had a share of 12.07 % of a throughout the entire week. That’s a record high since the station was launched in May 2005. Source: Denik

Meanwhile some on-line streaming events are experiencing extraordinary viewership. 55,000 people watched a live stream of the Czech Cirk La Putyka perform its cancelled show. Source:

Of course, devices are needed to remain connect with work and stream entertainment and consumer buying habits reflect their growing demand. reports that demand for laptops and computer screens is up 100 percent, while Xbox and Playstation games consoles saw a 200 percent increase in demand compared to the previous year. Source:

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Not everyone is simply couching these days. reports that sales of sportswear and accessories have gone through the roof (up 1,000% compared to the same time last year). Then again many prefer to do their sporting online. The portal is seeing record betting in snooker, badminton, and ping pong! Desperate soccer fans are currently streaming matches from Angola, Bangladesh, and Haiti. Source:

Despite all that sporting gear, however, just ten percent of Czechs said they are actually exercising, while a small percentage, 12 percent, is reading for educational purposes. Source:

Hands are not entirely idle, however: Last week bread machines at sold out temporarily (and the demand for yeast has skyrocketed). Sewing machines were another hot item, with 118 sewing machines purchased last Tuesday alone on Alza reported a 300% sales increase in sewing machines. Source:

To that end, the amount of money being spent online is reaching Black Friday proportions. Czechs are currently spending 5 percent more daily online, for a total of 67 million CZK spent in e-shops according daily, according to Global Payments. Source:

Numbers from the Czech Post reflect all that spending. Last week saw 20% more parcel packages delivered with Czech Post delivering 195,000 packages daily, about 35,000 more compared to end of February. Source:

Between all the working, shopping, streaming, and baking apparently there’s not much time left for other essential activities. And while much has been made about the possibility of a coronavirus-related baby boom only 6 percent of people said they have more sex (eating and cleaning being more popular activities). Sales of sex toys have seen a significant boost according to the Pink Elephant Sex shop which saw a bump in vibrators, lingerie, and adult board games. Source:

Whatever people are doing they’re doing it in stocking feet and taking their sweet time: according to EET numbers, the retail sale of watches, the manufacture of clothing, and the sale of footwear has practically come to a standstill in the Czech Republic. Source:

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