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Public health officials report an uptick of COVID-19 cases in Prague

Numbers released Friday evening suggest that COVID-19 is spreading in Prague faster than a week ago

Prague, July 17 (CTK) – Eighty-three new cases of COVID-19 were uncovered in Prague during the past week, an increase over the 69 cases reported the previous week, according to figures released by Prague public health officials Friday evening.

To date, there have been 2,575 infections, 1,865 recoveries, and 104 COVID-19-related deaths reported in Prague.

Approximately seven out of ten infected persons have recovered. There were another four deaths in the past week.

The latest number of infected people in Prague recently fell to about 600. While the Czech capital is not one of the major coronavirus clusters, there are still some lockdown measures in force.

Face masks must be worn in the metro and at mass events with over 100 people in interior spaces.

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Despite the fact that Health Minister Adam Vojtech (for ANO) said Friday the situation in Prague was “more or less constant”, no major clusters are being created and the situation is not escalating.

Prague health officials say there are 197 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants in Prague. The district with the highest number of confirmed cases is Prague 4.

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In the Czech Republic, the Moravia-Silesia Region is currently the hardest hit area with several local clusters there.

To see the Prague Hygiene Station’s breakdown of cases by district visit their website.

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