COVID-positive woman faces online bullying and threats over Prague nightclub outbreak

The woman has received denigrating remarks across social networks as well as threats of physical violence


Written by ČTK
Published on 04.08.2020 09:58 (updated on 04.08.2020)

Prague, Aug 3 (CTK) — The woman who reportedly spread the coronavirus infection at a party in a Prague club in mid-July, feels surprised by the denigrating and even hateful reactions some people have addressed to her, she has told the server.

She said she did not know about her illness when visiting the Techtle Mechtle club and is apologetic for causing problems among her friends and other people.

“Nonetheless, an infected person still has the right to be treated as a full-fledged human being,” she said.

After it turned out that she had been ill at the party where dozens of others caught the infection, she became a target of verbal attacks and threats on social networks.

“I understand that people were annoyed at me…Nevertheless, if one goes to amuse themselves in a club, a closed space where no one is wearing a face mask and where people are shouting at each other amid loud music, one must reckon with the possibility of getting infected,” the girl told the server.

“I am surprised that so many people react hatefully,” she said, adding that some have addressed denigrating remarks to her, while others threatened physical violence, specifically threatening to stab her or crack her skull.

She said her closest friends have reacted supportively though it was through here they were among the infected themselves.

“I am no criminal and I am very sorry about the whole situation. It was a great misfortune,” the woman added.

She indicated that the high number of those who caught the virus in Techtle Mechtle arouses suspicion that she may not be the only person to have spread it at the party.

The Techtle Mechte club has become an infection epicenter in Prague, from where COVID-19 has spread to other regions. Health authorities have registered at least 165 patients in this connection.