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Croatian Novelist August Šenoa to Get Memorial in Prague

On October 17th, a statue to the famed novelist will be unveiled in Prague’s Karlovo náměstí to honor the 180th anniversary of his birth

The Czech Republic and Croatia have a long history, dating back to the time when the Czech Republic was behind the Iron Curtain and the beaches of then-Yugoslavia were one of the closest – and only – seaside destinations for Czech tourists.

Given its location, Croatia is still a popular summertime destination for Czech travelers, especially those with families who can make the trek by car in a day.

And tomorrow, the Czech Republic will be bringing a little part of Croatia back to Prague.

August Šenoa is one of the most famous writers in the history of Croatia, and credited with transitioning Croatian literature from Romanticism to Realism and bringing the historical novel to the language.

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While Šenoa’s novels have not received widespread readership in English, he’s one of the most important figures in Croatian literature, and his novels have been translated into Czech.

Born on November 14, 1838, this year marks the 180th anniversary of Šenoa’s birth.

And on October 17, a plaque dedicated to Šenoa to commemorate the anniversary will be unveiled in central Prague park Karlovo náměstí, where Šenoa studied while attending Prague’s Charles University during the 1860s.

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The plaque has been placed with the support of the Croatian Embassy to the Czech Republic and the Croatian-Czech Society in Zagreb.

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