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Czech anti-coronavirus measures may soften if situation doesn’t change by Wednesday, says Health Minister

The Czech Republic may soften its anti-COVID-19 steps if the situation stays unchanged by Wednesday, and some shops could re-open later this week

Prague, April 6 (CTK) – Czechia may soften its anti-COVID-19 steps if the situation stays unchanged by Wednesday, and some shops such as stationers’ and building supplies may open, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch said today, adding that the virus will hit whole population step by step but this must not be uncontrolled.

“The measures must not last half a year or a whole year. We are not capable of surviving further months under the restrictive quarantine conditions. Smart quarantine must be applied along with [the measures softening],” Vojtěch (for ANO) said.

He said shops will have to let only few clients in, use disinfectants and measure their staff’s temperature every day.

Areas for individual sports may also reopen, while the ban on mass events will undoubtedly be one of the restrictions to be lifted the last of all, Vojtěch said.

No one can expect life to return to normal in a month, he said.

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“After the shops’ reopening, we will have some 14 days to assess the effect before possibly taking further steps,” he said, adding that further packages of softening steps, too, will probably follow with a two-week pause.

“The population will be gradually affected by the virus. Our goal is to try to control the virus’s progress through the society in a way to prevent its uncontrolled spreading,” Vojtěch said, stressing that strict measures for protecting the most vulnerable groups, mainly seniors, will remain in force.

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