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Czech brewery Svijany to donate non-alcoholic beer to hospital staff, rescue workers

The popular Czech brewer will be supplying free non-alcoholic beer to workers who could use a good refreshment
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As the Czech Republic reacts to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic and efforts to slow its spread, individual businesses are doing what they can to help out.

Czech mobile operators O2 and T-Mobile are offering their customers free unlimited mobile data. Bikesharing service Rekola is offering all users free use of their bikes over the next two weeks as an alternative to public transport.

Czech brewery Svijany has also announced they would be providing some refreshments to some of those who need it the most: hospital staff, rescue workers, volunteers, and others who are helping deal with the ongoing crisis.

From today, Svijany will be donating free non-alcoholic beer to the Liberec Regional Hospital, security services, the Integrated Rescue System and all volunteers in the Liberec region of the Czech Republic.

“We greatly appreciate their sacrificial work and we want to make it as easy or pleasant as possible,” said Svijany Director Roman Havlík.

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“We do not know face masks, but we do know beer, and through the Regional Crisis Staff we are giving it to them in an expression of thanks and admiration.”

“We will start with the first deliveries today.”

In a press statement released today, Svijany also detailed other measures they will undertake during the coronavirus epidemic.

Because they work closely with restaurants, which are particularly hard hit during this time, they are offering to replace old barrels with new ones to preserve the freshness of their beer, as well as offer free support and advice regarding labor law and the temporary closure of restaurants.

“As circumstances evolve rapidly, we will continue to monitor the situation carefully and mitigate other possible negative impacts,” Havlík added.

“We believe that even in this huge crisis the vast majority will survive, and we will be able to help them to get back on their feet quickly when the current measures are revoked.”

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Svijany is also stocking their e-shop to meet additional demand from online orders, and the brewery shop itself remains open in the Liberec region for local customers.

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