Czech Company Unveils New “Ambulance Tank”

New emergency vehicle is designed to roll into hard-to-reach places including flood and fire zones

Trans Hospital Plus is the Czech Republic’s leading manufacturer of emergency vehicles, but their newest creation is turning some heads.

It’s part ambulance, part tank: the BVP 2 AMB-S is an emergency vehicle designed to get into hard-to-reach place including flood and fire afflicted areas, and carry specialists among its crew.

It can travel through water, over hills, and into other hazardous zones.

The tank was originally military ambulance vehicle designed for use in combat. Photos of its original condition before a three-month reconstruction can be seen at

Trans Hospital Plus first unveiled the refurbished tank last June. On Monday, they posted new videos of the tank in action:

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The Trans Hospital Plus fleet also includes other unique emergency vehicles designed to reach specific areas, including a modified smart car, golf cart, and even a Segway.

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