Czech confidence highest in military, police
Prague Police at Old Town Square

Czech confidence highest in military, police

Which public institutions are the most trusted?

A recent survey from the Public Opinion Research Center of the Czech Republic’s Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences asked more than 1000 Czech citizens which institutions they do and don’t trust, and some may find the results surprising.

Two-thirds of Czechs surveyed – 67% – said that they trust the country’s military and police, which rated as the highest votes of confidence among all public institutions included in the poll.

Courts and banks – at 58% and 53%, respectively, were the only other institutions that more than half of those surveyed said they trust.

No media channels received votes of confidence of more than 50%, though public trust was highest in radio at 48% of respondents.

40% of Czechs trust television, 39% trust the internet, and print media is only trusted by 38% of the population.

Only 37% of those surveyed said that they trusted charities, while religious institutions received the least amount of confidence in the survey; only one in four Czechs said that they trust churches.

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And do people trust opinion polls such as this one? 47% of those surveyed have confidence in public opinion polls, so you can draw your own conclusions.

Lucas Němec

Prague-based author with two decades experience living in and writing about the Czech Republic for local and international sites and publications. Nakládaný hermelín enthusiast and frequent Club-Mate drinker.

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