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Czech filmmakers calling for video submissions from “Life in Corontine”

When life gives you quarantine, make art says a new Prague-based documentary project

A unique Czech-made documentary aims to capture how people here in the Czech Republic and around the world are spending their time in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

Czech filmmakers Martin Müller and David Laňka say it was, “the incredible coherence of people, mutual support, and above all their desire to fight the coronavirus in a a good mood,” that inspired them to launch their project, which aims to depict ordinary people from around the world, doing extraordinary things from quarantine.

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The completed documentary will stream for free online upon completion.

“When we saw how the lack of drapes made hundreds of people sew drapes at home and distribute them not only to their loved ones, but also to strangers, when we noticed people’s offers to help seniors make purchases so they didn’t have to go out or the video from Italy where people went out to the balconies and sang despite what their country was facing, we decided to compile a documentary that captures the fact that people have not stopped being human,” said Müller and Laňka in a press release.

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The duo is sourcing videos through online channels and their website. The filmmakers say they took their inspiration from the “Life in a Day” project, a 2010 crowdsourced documentary comprised of video clips selected from 80,000 submissions showing events from around the world taking place across a single day.

“Nowadays, when most of us are filming videos, capturing rare and quite ordinary moments, and when the quality of the picture does not match professional camera technology, it is possible to get truly unique shots through which we can capture moments in the news you usually won’t find it,” said the filmmakers.

They added that they are looking for submissions that will define, “The moment when people are themselves, living their seemingly ordinary lives in a time that will surely change the world as we know it.”

The film is scheduled to premiere in early 2021. To submit your video visit

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