Is the Czech Gentleman an Endangered Species?

According to a recent survey, the number of Czech gentlemen is decreasing

A recent survey conducted by the public relations company Native PR and the market research film SC&C  has found that the number of gentlemen seems to be decreasing in the Czech Republic.

Only 36% of those surveyed were able to identify three typical characteristics associated with being a gentleman in Czech society: courtesy, honesty, and esteem for women. 

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Why is the number of gentlemen on the wane? 

According to the survey, 38% of respondents pointed to poor role models at home, 25% blamed fast-paced contemporary lifestyle, and some even suggested that “today’s emancipated women […] stop men from acting in a gentlemanly way.”

When asked for an example of the prototypical ‘Czech Gentleman’, many were not able to come up with a name.

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Those suggested as the prototypical Czech gentleman included 1940s actor Oldřich Nový and more contemporary selections such as etiquette expert Ladislav Špaček and actor Marek Eben. 

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Oldřich Nový in Kristián
Oldřich Nový in Kristián

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