Czech Girl Attempts to Exchange Million Dollar Bill

Police in Uherské Hradiště responded to a most unusual call at an exchange office earlier this year

Officers in Uherské Hradiště were in for a bit of surprise in January when responding to a call at an exchange office.

There, they found a young girl who had attempted to exchange a high-value dollar bill and immediately raised suspicions. The bill’s amount: a cool $1,000,000.

Police photographed the unusual note and “handed it over to the Czech National Bank for expert opinion,” according to Týdeník Policie.

Presumably, the CNB confirmed what everyone had expected: the bill was not the real deal.

Backstory: the young girl had offered to buy a video game for her friend, an 11-year-old boy. The boy had no cash on hand, so he searched his parents’ closet.

There, he found the US bill with a bunch of zeroes; neither child knew how much the currency was worth, but the girl decided to try her luck exchanging it. The bill was, in fact, a souvenir purchased by the boy’s father while in the states.

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Had the young lady been successful in her endeavor, she would have walked away with just shy of 25 million crowns, minus exchange fees. 

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