Czech Guy Moons U.S. Army Convoy, Gets Arrested

Saturday’s military convoy received a rather “cheeky” welcome from a Moravian local

A U.S. Army convoy en route to Saber Strike military exercises in the Baltic States this weekend was greeted with some rather “cheeky” behavior upon arrival in the Moravian town of Vyškov. 

The convoy, which departed from a base in Bavaria earlier in the week, spent a night in Prague and rolled through Vyškov on Saturday where it was met with both supporters and protesters.

According to a report on, an as yet unidentified 35-year-old man claiming to be part of the radical Czech right-wing political party the National Democracy (a.k.a. the “No Brussels” party) dropped his pants and mooned the parade.

Prior to the incident, the man had repeatedly run into the road in an attempt to heckle the soldiers and was reprimanded by police who eventually took him into custody with his pants around his ankles, sporting purple boxer shorts.

Police commented that they planned to hold the individual in question until his motives were determined. 

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Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka met with soldiers later that day praising their presence in the country as a “symbol of solidarity” that “increases the importance of the Czech Republic’s membership in NATO.”

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The crew of the convoy consisted of 420 soldiers and 225 pieces of military equipment.

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