Czech Helicopter Refuels at Slovak Filling Station

Czech Helicopter Refuels at Slovak Filling Station

A Czech helicopter made an unusual stop earlier this week at a gas station outside the village of Valaská in the Horehroní region of Slovakia.

Staff at the station were surprised as the automotive station wasn’t equipped to handle helicopters.

But when you need to refuel, you need to refuel.

The pilot mounted the chopper on wheels, turned its blades to fit underneath the overhang, and rolled it up to the pump. He took 130L, and after about five minutes, he flew away.

Amateur footage by bemused witnesses captured most of the incident, and was aired on TV via Slovakia’s Nový Čas:

The pilot stated to reporters that the situation was exceptional, writes 

“I needed to refuel and the airport was far away,” he said.

“I landed at a safe distance from the gas station and informed the attendants of the intention to refuel.” 

It’s unclear if the pilot violated any air rules, but the incident has been reported to Slovakia’s Aviation Authority for investigation.

The identity of the Czech helicopter pilot was not revealed, but Blesk is asking readers to rat him out if recognized.

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