Czech Illusionist Wants to Make Vitkov Monument Disappear

In the tradition of David Copperfield and David Blaine, a young Czech magician has big ambitions for the Žižkov landmark

The young magician Michal Nesveda has been busy making fish disappear on live television and prepping for his upcoming show the Infinity of Dreams at the Vinohrady Theater in Prague.

In the tradition of David Copperfield, the show, which premieres October 2 and runs through March, will combine psychological games, audience participation, music, video projection, dramatic lighting, and, of course, magic, to fulfill the dreams of several lucky audience members on the spot.

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Promoters say that the Czech illusionist (a 2012 Czech Magic Talent of the Year winner) takes inspiration from the modern magic that is currently “hot in Britain and America.”

Michal Nesveda / Facebook
Michal Nesveda / Facebook

Those who recall Copperfield’s televised Statue of Liberty stunt will appreciate Nesved’s ambition to disappear a Prague monument.

The Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent favorite recently told iDnes that he has plans to make the Vitkov monument on the top of Žižkov hill disappear.

“We have devised a spell, we would like to make the statue of Jan Žižka at Vitkov disappear. But these actions are for the long haul. Because even if we want it to disappear momentarily, we need many permits.” 

In the meantime, read more about the show in English here.

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