Czech “Mafia Boss” Convicted in South Africa

Radovan Krejčíř found guilty of attempted murder, kidnapping; awaits sentencing

In the 1990s, Radovan Krejčíř was one of the richest men in the Czech Republic.

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Now, he’s in a South African prison awaiting sentencing following a conviction on counts of attempted murder and kidnapping.

The saga continues.

In 2012, Krejčíř was convicted in absentia of tax fraud in the Czech Republic and sentenced to eight years in prison.

The fugitive, who has been residing in South Africa since 2007, claimed that he would be killed if extradited to the Czech Republic.

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In South Africa, Krejčíř didn’t exactly undergo a reformation. Local media has described him as a mafia boss and crime lord, and he’s been linked to the murder of businessman and accused crime boss Cyril Beeka in 2011, along with numerous other crimes.

In 2013, Krejčíř was arrested and charged with counts of kidnapping and attempted murder of Bheki Lukhele, who was allegedly tortured after his brother disappeared with 25kg of drugs.  

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Previously that year, Krejčíř had survived an assassination attempt when his car was riddled with bullets from a remote-controlled gun.

Yesterday, South African courts handed down a guilty verdict for kidnapping and attempted murder. While awaiting sentencing on those charges, Krejčíř is also the subject of four separate trials.

The fugitive has dismissed all allegations as fabrications. “The lies and the hate won over the truth and the love,” he told press following the conviction.

Earlier this year, video emerged online of Krejčíř playing football in a South Africa prison with fellow high-profile inmate Oscar Pistorius.

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