Czech Man Can’t Pay Bill, Leaves Clothes as Collateral

A strange scene unfolded in the Olomouc region yesterday as a naked man walked through the city in search of cash.

A bizarre scenario went down yesterday in Přerov, as a naked man walked through the city streets in his birthday suit during the middle of the day.

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But it’s the story behind the story that makes this one so strange.

Apparently, the man couldn’t pay his restaurant tab. Instead of leaving, say, his mobile phone or boots behind as collateral, he instead left everything else he had on him. Underwear and all.

And off he went through the city to retrieve the cash to pay his bill and get his clothes back. Reports of the naked man flooded the local police line.

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Video from Přerov City Police, via

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s the official report from the website of Přerov City Police

“Two hours after noon, a witness informed line 156 about a completely naked man on the street. A further five people reported this occurrence as well. A motorized policed patrol was sent there and the sharp eye of the camera system quickly identified the Adamite walking happily on the sidewalk making a phone call.

“The officers quickly found the naked man, and he stated that he left the clothes as collateral at a restaurant. He left naked to get money from another one to pay the debt. He eventually paid the debt and put his clothes back on, which calmed down the pedestrians and drivers.

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“Since his conduct bore the signs of a crime, the case was handed over to state police for further investigation.”

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